Fluidised bed boiler environment

The fluidised bed boiler is the heart of the research centre. The boiler comprises four separate segments and a drop flue. The maximum output of the fluidised bed boiler is 300 kW. The height of the boiler is eight metres and its flue gas capacity is 600 nm3/h. The diameter of the combustion chamber is 494 millimetres. The height of the grate sand bed is approximately 500 millimetres.

The fluidised bed can be used to analyse the effects of varying fuels and mixing ratios on flue gas generation without feed level changes affecting the burn or the circulation gas feed affecting the boiler. The boiler also features a number of measuring connections that allow temperature measurements in different parts of the boiler during a burn.

The flue gas exiting the fluidised bed boiler can be directed through filters and into a chimney or a corrosion test chamber. The chamber allows the testing of the gas' corrosive properties and the testing of how different fuels affect these properties.

The system features a separate channel and flue gas extractor that can create a secondary flow for various tests, such as catalyst feeding and purification testing. The values of the secondary flow can be compared to the values of the primary flow.