Pyrolysis oil burning and test environment

The research centre features a pyrolysis oil burner connected to a separate boiler, including all handling equipment. The maximum output of the pyrolysis oil burner is 500 kilowatts with a flame diameter of 0.6 metres and a flame height of 2.1 metres. The pyrolysis oil burner system can be used to study issues related to oil sedimentation and to perform oil starting tests. The testing can be used to reduce the amount and effect of corrosion caused by oil, as well as to reduce the contamination of the boiler caused by pyrolysis oil and the related effects.

From the pyrolysis oil burner and boiler, flue gas can be directed to different purifiers and analysed for components and particle concentration. Flue gas exiting the pyrolysis burner can be directed through a corrosion test chamber to study its corrosion behaviour and contamination of different materials.