The Energy Research Centre offers product development, product testing and training services for technology companies and other organisations operating in energy production, transfer and distribution.

Measurements and tests

  • Fuel testing (solid fuel analysis, bio-oil sedimentation and separation tests).
  • Corrosion and material testing (boiler and exchanger material testing in the material test chamber or by corrosion probe).
  • Bio-oil burner testing, burning tests and starting tests.
  • Burning tests and combustion chamber reactions with difficult mixed fuels and catalysts (bed reaction tests, ash properties and contamination effects testing).
  • Flue gas emission measurement and purifier testing (reference measuring point, gas component measurement, flue gas analysis, flue gas flow purifier testing).
  • Geothermal heat system and exchanger testing (exchanger testing, accumulator testing, fibre-optic distributed temperature sensing, system thermal storage testing).

In addition to our fluidised bed, grate-fired boiler and pyrolysis oil burning and test environment, we can also carry out measurements and testing at your location or a custom test environment built in the research centre.

Research environments are used for basic and continued training in energy technology and can also be used as a learning environment for tailored corporate training.

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