Flue gas emission measurement and purifier testing

Flue gas analysis

Are your device instruments accurate? Do you need to analyse the composition of your flue gas?

We can carry out power plant and incineration plant flue gas analysis and flue gas temperature and flow measurements.

We use a Gasmet DX4000 FTIR gas analyser to measure the composition of flue gases. Flue gas volumes are measured as L-pitot or S-pitot. Flue gas emissions are determined according to gas emission standards SFS EN 15259, 14789 and 14790.

We can also analyse hot flue gases (> 180 °C) using a suction pyrometer.

Reference measuring points

Looking to verify instrument accuracy or comparing measurement group results?

Our test environment allows for reference measurements. The chimney of the research centre has two separate channels with four identical measurement points, allowing particle and flue gas concentrations to be measured simultaneously using multiple instruments.

Measurement connections can be installed in other parts of the process upon request.

Purifier testing for different types of flue gas flow

Do you need a test environment for the technical solutions of purifying equipment? Would you like to know how your equipment performs under different conditions?

The research centre features two purifiers: an electric filter and a bag filter. Different flue gases can be run through both, one or neither filter. There are several points before and after the filters for measuring flue gas composition and particle concentration.