Geothermal heat system and exchanger testing

Our system features two geothermal wells drilled in different directions from the same point: one can be used to extract energy for a ground source heat pump and the other can be heated with an exchanger. The temperature profile in the well can be measured using a fibre-optic sensor. The heat from burn testing can be used to test heat storage.

Hybrid system, exchanger and accumulator testing

Our test environment includes a heat production unit, a heat accumulator and domestic water and heating circuits that simulate a heating load. The environment is designed for the product development and testing of hybrid systems and products based on the use of multiple heat production units, but it is also suited for analysing individual liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers and determining their operating values.

Fibre-optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS)

Our fibre-optic distributed temperature sensing equipment offers new opportunities for temperature measurements in locations previously inaccessible. For example, potential applications include tank and pipe temperature distribution and fluctuation measurements.

The service includes fibre-optic temperature measurement. The optical fibres allow local temperature to be measured every 0.5 metres. The maximum length of one fibre can be up to five kilometres.

Technical specifications of the fibre-optic measurement system:

Sentinel DTS-SR main unit

  • maximum fibre length: 5 km
  • measuring range: -40...+350 °C
  • number of fibre connections: 2
  • temperature measuring resolution: 0.1°
  • accuracy: ± 0.2 °C; maximum update interval: 30 s; point resolution: 0.5 m or better.